Technology Accelerator

In today’s digital world, enterprises are increasingly cognizant of the benefits to building cloud-native solutions, and look to leverage the technology and associated methodologies to rapidly create and deliver the new digital experiences. Accelerators enable you to rapidly deliver cloud-native solutions, from inception to deployed in production. Accelerators remove complexity and friction for multi-disciplinary teams by enabling your developers, architects, and operations to codify and centrally manage decisions. With Accelerators, development teams can rapidly innovate with confidence that they comply with your organizational unique operational, security, and technology standards.

APEX Accelerators help teams to provide enterprise governance and increased productivity for multi-disciplinary teams by bringing together Application Stacks, integrated DevOps, and a choice of developer tools. Through the technology preview for RESTful and event-driven solutions, architects can design a Solution Blueprint composed of connected microservices and databases. As part of the health checks, Microservices can be managed and automatically restarted as necessary. Using our software, you can focus on solving challenges using the applications in new ways, and decrease operational costs by adopting cloud and hybrid architectures.

Our team will assist you in navigating through all the steps of your modernization process from containerizing applications to breaking them down into microservices, to setting up DevOps process and CI/CD pipelines, to building a new agile cloud native infrastructure. Our goal is to empower you to develop, integrate, and develop modern applications faster.

With Accelerators, you can break monolithic or legacy applications down into microservices by refactoring approach, and not rewriting. All your legacy applications are split and connected for continuous integration. You can automate the entire software lifecycle from commit to deployment. You can also design and build pipelines that automate development, QA, and deployment processes. By building a flexible infrastructure management practice, Accelerators support automation, resilience, infrastructure versioning, and reduces complexity. The right infrastructure is at the core of your DevOps journey. We ensure mission-critical applications and/or data withstand and recover from infrastructure downtime. For fast failover and recovery, we will establish a resilient architecture that distributes loads of data and replicates data between regions, clouds, or hybrid environments.