Enterprise Integration

In today’s digital world, business excellence requires smarter and connected applications with the adoption of Cloud. Large enterprises are experiencing increased complexities in system integration, resulting in inflexible and fragile systems. With the growing need of legacy applications, organizations must start solving new business challenges and out-of-the-box solutions to easily integrate software applications. Enterprise integration is very crucial in order to retain business agility in a world of mobile, API, and SaaS platforms. Enterprise integration boosts the overall productivity and enables better decision-making by offering correct and accurate information when you need it. An efficient and maintainable integration with flexibility of future changes and adaptation, is a key requirement when it comes to complex systems integration.  

APEX Enterprise Integration provides a number of benefits for businesses such as system connectivity, improved productivity, real-time updates, and overall access to the information whenever data is required. The integration becomes a simplified process, allowing organizations to easily unify applications, services, systems, and databases across your enterprise. Moreover, the enterprise integration provides a well-defined approach in contrast to chaos of point-to-point integration within your enterprise, saving you time and maintenance costs.

With APEX Enterprise Integration, you can easily connect on-premises applications, Web APIs, and connect with mobile apps. You can also build cloud-native applications with an API-first approach and deploy it to container-based PaaS platforms such as Cloud OpenShift or similar to Docker-supported cloud platforms. The APEX Enterprise solution helps businesses of any size and users of any technical level, to seamlessly connect resources to accelerate digital transformation.

With the Enterprise integration, you can integrate devices and applications and acquire a unique visibility into context, and the ability to provide customers the truly customized experiences. And by exposing quality managed services on your channels and others, you can increase the growing opportunities for welcoming new audiences, mastering new business models, and expanding your horizons. You can bring in more value with everything interconnected and leverage all your capabilities. We innovate and meet customer expectations with new applications that combine the power of integration with DevOps to even extend to hybrid architectures.