Artificial Intelligence

We build customised AI Solutions to achieve RoI for your defined business objectives. AI can be used to solve problems like helping business to increase sales, improver customer experience, automate work process and provide predictive analytics. We have innovative & trendsetting Explainable AI models that can be deployed to augment and replace human decision making. The advanced AI models are complex black boxes  are not able to explain why they reached a specific recommendation or a decision. Explainable AI in data science and ML platforms, for example, auto-generates an explanation of models in terms of accuracy, attributes, model statistics and features in natural language. AI and Cognitive Computing have the potential to address a wide spectrum of enterprise demands, and have been focusing on business use cases that quickly deliver measurable outcomes. Our Artificial Intelligence based “Cognitive Services” enable clients to unlock the full potential of AI and solve their complex business challenges by embedding intelligence into various contexts and situations. This helps deliver seamless experiences to customers and achieve enhance operational efficiency. We have also developed AI based service desk that can be used as continuous learning platform to decode & deliver IT operations knowledge using intuitive self-service interfaces, resulting in process efficiencies & customer delight.