• Utilities: IoT applications, such as ‘intelligent’ meters and appliances, connected cars and wearables, and so on, are generating unprecedented volumes of enterprise and consumer data. Companies have started aggressively leveraging Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other disruptive technologies, to glean tangible insights from this deluge of information. Apex offers enterprises a suite of Mosaic powered IoT solutions and IoT mobile apps, which ease this endeavour, leading to enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Oil and Gas

  • Oil & Gas: deep industry expertise and innovative IoT solutions & offerings can help the Oil & Gas industry clients optimize production, enhance asset utilization & uptime, and reduce operating costs

Retail, Manufacturing and Life-sciences

  • Smart Connected products for Retail, Manufacturing, Life-sciences Industry: solution for connected products provides technology-agnostic Micro-services Architecture that enables integration with multiple platforms, historians, and enterprise systems. One Solution that could be deployed on both On-Premise and On-Cloud to monitor real time asset performance with predictive analytics. IoT solutions help healthcare companies continuously collect and analyze health data throughout the healthcare value chain, and ensure better, cost-effective outcomes, thereby leading to enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Apex helps E&C companies simplify, modernize and accelerate projects, thus supporting them by optimizing operations & maintenance, reducing lead time costs & delays, and enabling management of risk & compliance effectively